Kids Painting


The ART Co-operative was established to provide a safer in-person schooling option for immunocompromised children.


All children deserve an environment where they can thrive.  However, from an infection control perspective, traditional schools have been unable to safely accommodate immunocompromised children. Immunocompromised individuals are more likely to develop severe versions of typically low-risk infections.  The common cold could take weeks or months to get over, and even require hospitalization. For children, this leads to prolonged school absences known to negatively affect their studies, mental health, and capacity to develop healthy relationships and social skills - and this often on the heels of a frightening diagnosis or difficult treatment regimen.  Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, families got a taste of the isolation immunocompromised children have always faced and will continue to experience if we do not offer an alternative.  

ART will provide discovery-based/Montessori-style programming while applying immuno-attentive strategies such as small cohorts, strict screening/illness policies, cleaning and hygiene protocols and strategic classroom design.

Perhaps most importantly, ART will also give immunocompromised children and their families a community that understands and shares the same level of risk tolerance, but also understands and shares the need to have a childhood.