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Enrolment Full

Full-Time Preschool

(30 months - school start)

Drop-in Primary School Students


The Vision: a safer social learning environment for immunocompromised & 

higher health-risk families 


We offer discovery-based/Montessori-style programming in a home-based setting delivered by certified, experienced early childhood educators.


Our school-aged program is open to early-elementary aged children who are enrolled in online or home-based learning and looking for additional social learning opportunities in a safer setting.

ART applies immuno-attentive strategies such as:

small cohorts: maximum of 10 full-time children

policies & precautions: infection control precautions that are responsive to community risk levels, including screening, masking & rapid antigen testing and strict illness policies

enhanced ventilation: while in a home setting, the ventilation has been upgraded to include an HRV (allowing fresh air to circulate even in winter when doors & windows are closed) with in-line UV & HEPA 

additional portable HEPA filtration: all rooms have a portable HEPA filter to maximize air quality

CO2 monitoring: all rooms have CO2 monitors to assess quality of ventilation in real-time

an outdoor learning focus: outside is safest from an infection control lens, so we are outside as much as possible








Location: 239 Wedge Road, Saskatoon

easily accessed in 20 min or less from anywhere in Saskatoon

Hours: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Preschool Age (30-72 months): $217.50/month full-time; $10/day part-time (max. 10 days/month)

Primary School-Aged (6 yrs and older): $750/full-time, $450/part-time, $50/daily drop-in

Phone: 306-249-5676

*NOTE: preschool/childcare fees are grant eligible until a child turns 6 and so are reduced for ALL families from $1230/month full-time and $64/day. These spots are also eligible for additional subsidy for qualifying families.

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